The opportunity to document new life is truly inspiring; their little fingers and tiny toes, their wispy hair and cute belly buttons... My style highlights the simple, yet beautiful features that define your baby. Newborn are photographed within the first 14 days of life. The best time to photograph your baby is between 5-8 days new. During this time frame,  they’re sleepy and curl easily, making it ideal for posing. After two to three weeks, they can develop things like colic and baby acne. They also don’t sleep as long and tend to prefer not being touched or disturbed. I photograph babies up to 14 days old. Premature babies are photographed up to 4 weeks old. If your baby is late, please be advised that your session must be scheduled as soon as possible. as overdue babies are sometimes more alert and awake once at the studio.



Your baby will poop and pee on everything, so don’t be alarmed, I’m totally used to it! I’ll have plenty of wipes on hand. All of my props get washed immediately following each session! I want you to sit back, relax and enjoy these precious moments. My studio is WI-FI ready, so feel free to bring your iPad or computer. It would be a good idea to bring a few snacks along with you as well.


Newborns are photographed in their birthday suit. I use props and backdrops to accent and add texture to your images. My studio is full of props; hats, headbands, baskets, buckets, wraps and more! So no need to worry about bringing any additional clothing for baby with you.

Newborn mini session are an hour in length and do not include parent or sibling images. Mini newborn sessions are for baby only. Full newborn sessions tend to last up to two hours long but can sometimes three. Expect the studio to be fairly hot, newborns are photographed in their birthday suit therefore, the studio needs to be warm enough to keep them comfortable and sleepy.


At your session, I will handle your baby with the utmost care. I will soothe, swaddle and rock your baby, so there is no need to worry if you're not feeling 100% yet. Once at the studio, I encourage parents to relax and take in the session.


Even if you’re not sure your baby will take one. Most babies will take a pacifier in the studio because they want to be soothed. I highly recommend bringing one with you, as it could be the difference between getting sweet sleepy or wide awake images


If mom is nursing, I suggest nursing right before your session. Sometimes topping them off when you arrive is helpful in relaxing baby and getting them nice and sleepy. If you are bottle feeding, please bring extra bottles. Even if your baby is fully fed, they will likely need an extra feeding at some point throughout the session. Since we’ll be in the studio for two-three hours, it’s a great idea to bring along some food for yourself as well.

Sentimental Items

My newborn sessions are not cookie cutter. I love it when clients bring items of sentimental value. Although I do not guarantee being able to use certain, or all items, I will try my best to incorporate these items into your session.


Please dress your baby in a zip up onesie, or a button up onesies. Avoid putting them in anything that needs to go over their head. Also avoid items such as; socks, headbands and other clothing items that leave lines and marks on babies skin.

If parents and siblings are participating, I suggest coordinating with each other.  Neutral tones work exceptionally well; beige, brown, taupe, olive etc. Avoid wearing all white or black for family photos. Blue jeans with a solid coloured top work great, keep it simple and avoid clothing with stripes, logos and patterns. 




Following your session, your very best photos will be edited. Editing will commence once your final payment has been received. The editing process is roughly ten (10) to fourteen (14) business days. Once your images are ready for viewing, you will receive a link to a private online gallery. You will have two weeks to select your favourite images, the number of images is dependant on the package you've chosen. 

Once you've selected your favourites, your high-resolution images will be released to you and available for download directly from the gallery.

Prints take anywhere from four (4) to six (6) weeks to arrive. You will receive an e-mail once your prints are ready for pick up. Prints can be picked up in studio, or shipped for an additional fee.



The studio is conveniently located at Christie & DuPont in Toronto. If you're travelling by TTC, Christie Station is just a 5min walk from the studio. If you're travelling by vehicle there is paid street parking available along Christie Street, or free parking along Garnet Ave. Garnet is a one way street that can be accessed via Shaw St.

208 Christie St. Toronto, ON M6G 3B7